How to Complete the Grime-Encrusted Ring Quest in "World of Warcraft"


The long-besieged city of Gnomeregan is a low-level dungeon in "World of Warcraft" where players can pick up a Grime-Encrusted Ring during the course of their adventurers. The quest's instructions are somewhat vague, telling you only to find a way to clean off the ring. The answer lies within Gnomeregan itself -- the Sparklematic 5200. This is only the beginning of the journey to uncover the ring's history, however -- a journey slightly different depending on whether you're an Alliance or Horde player.

  • Take the Grime-Encrusted Ring to the Sparklematic 5200. It's located in a room just off the Dormitory, the entrance to which is found on the southern edge of the Hall of Gears. The Sparklematic is the quest turn in for the item, but it does require three silver to clean off the ring.

  • Return the Brilliant Gold Ring to its creator, or keep it if you don't wish to continue. For Alliance players, you'll be directed to Talvash del Kissel, a Gnome craftsman in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge. For Horde players, you'll be directed to Nogg, a Goblin engineer found in Orgrimmar, in the engineering trainer's building in the Drag.

  • Bring Talvash or Nogg the Brilliant Gold Ring, a Silver Bar, a Moss Agate and 30 silver. They will reward you with Talvash's Gold Ring or Nogg's Gold Ring, an alternate version of the Brilliant Gold Ring with more Stamina but slightly less Spirit.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Sparklematic 5200 will also clean off Grime-Encrusted Objects for the same fee of three silver. The reward for turning in these items is one Sparklematic-Wrapped Box per Grime-Encrusted Object, which contains low-level ore, and gem and stone crafting reagents. These boxes also have a low chance of containing a Gnomeregan Band or Gnomergan Amulet with randomized stats.
  • Most groups running Gnomeregan as part of Dungeon Finder queues will not complete this quest, as it requires going out of your way to find the Sparklematic 5200. The winding paths and many dense packs of enemies in Gnomeregan make it an unpopular dungeon that most try to get through as quickly as possible, making getting to the Sparklematic unlikely.

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