How to Bed the Barrel of a Ruger 10/22


The Ruger 10/22 rifle is one of the most-customized guns ever produced. It is a semi-automatic firearm that fires the common and inexpensive .22 long-rifle cartridge. It is accurate and reliable when first purchased, but bedding your rifle's barrel often improves accuracy. Bedding minimizes contact between the barreled action and the stock, making vibrations in the barrel more uniform.

Things You'll Need

  • Bedding kit with compound, release agent and clay
  • Rotary tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper, 60-grit and 120-grit
  • Wood dowel
  • Strong rubber band
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Electrical tape
  • Wood chisel
  • Thick paper

Disassemble the Rifle

  • Remove the scope. Unscrew the scope rings from the base and remove the scope assembly.

  • Remove the barreled action. Loosen the barrel-band screw, and remove the band. Loosen the take-down screw, and move the safety button halfway between "fire" and "safe." Lift the action out of the stock.

  • Remove the trigger group, bolt and bolt-charging handle. Drift out the trigger-guard receiver pins to remove the trigger group. Remove the bolt-stop pin at the rear of the receiver, and pull back the bolt handle. Separate the bolt from the bolt handle. Remove both from the gun.

Fit the Stock

  • Install the bedding pillar in the hole that holds the take-down screw. The action rests on the bedding pillar. The pillar ensures that your bedded barrel and action are firmly installed.

  • Sand down the barrel channel. Use a wooden dowel wrapped in 60-grit sandpaper. Turn the dowel inside the full length of the barrel channel until you can slide a piece of thick paper between the barrel and the stock.

  • Check the fit of the barrel in the channel. Seat the action firmly in the stock. Smooth the channel with 120-grit sandpaper.

  • Cut a relief in the stock at the rear of the receiver. Cut a bedding channel 1/8-inch wide-by-1/8-inch deep using a rotary tool. Cut the channel across the back of the receiver, and forward about 1/2 inch along the sides.

  • Place the receiver in the stock and press down on the rear to check the fit. Vertically center the barrel.

  • Tape the barrel near the end of the stock. Apply enough tape so that the lower half of the barrel is covered by the stock, with the upper half above the wood. Center the barrel within the stock, right to left. The centering must be precise.

Bed the Receiver

  • Fill the bottom side of the receiver -- and the trigger-group pin hole -- with clay.

  • Place the release agent on the receiver, clay and take-down screws. Coat the threads of the take-down screw.

  • Apply bedding compound in the receiver channel. Apply small dabs to the sides of the pillar. Use enough compound to fill the whole channel. Remove excess compound using a toothpick.

  • Wrap rubber bands halfway between the receiver and the end of the stock. The rubber bands keep the barrel centered while the bedding around the receiver hardens. Partially insert the take-down screw. Do not tighten.

  • Let the bedding compound cure for four to six hours. Remove excess compound. Loosen and tighten the screw. Let the rifle sit overnight, and then remove the rubber bands, tape and take-down screw.

Relieve the Barrel Channel and Bed the Barrel

  • Remove the barrel and action. Cut a relief in the barrel channel just in front of the bedding pillar. Cut the relief 1/8-inch deep, 2 inches long and wide enough that it comes within 1/4 inch of the top of the stock.

  • Put clay in front of the V-block. Place a strip of clay in front of the relieved area.

  • Cover the barrel, clay and V-block with release agent. Cover any parts of the barrel where the compound may squirt out and touch the metal.

  • Fill the relieved area with bedding compound.

  • Reassemble the rifle. Secure the base of the receiver with a rubber band to ensure proper alignment. Keep the barrel centered in the stock.

  • Let the bedding compound cure. Clean up the clay, release agent and any bedding compound stuck to other parts of the gun.

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