How to Tell When Kids Are in Puberty

Puberty is a natural process that occurs when teenagers bodies begin transforming into adults. Usually, puberty begins for girls between the ages of 8 and 12. While for boys, the process usually starts sometime between 9 and 14 years of age. The physical changes of puberty will also be accompanied by emotional changes. Figuring out when your kids are going through puberty can assist you in guiding them through this change.


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      Look for early physical signs of puberty. In most girls, the first sign of puberty is the development of breasts. For boys, the growth of their penis and testicles and a spurt in height often mark the beginning of puberty.

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      Monitor the physical changes happening with your child. After breast development in girls, there should be growth of pubic and armpit hairs and potentially acne. Menstruation is usually the last stage in female puberty. For boys, the development of pubic and armpit hair also occurs in the early stages of puberty, and their voice will also start getting deeper gradually. The final stages of male puberty should see some muscle growth and the development of facial hair.

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      Be aware of mood swings or personality changes in your child. These emotional changes are perfectly normal and caused by the intense hormonal activity going on in their bodies during puberty.

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      Communicate with your children. Ask them about any changes they are feeling or seeing. Let them know that this is a natural process that everyone goes through. Answer any questions they may have.

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      Seek medical advice if your child is showing signs of puberty too early, clinically referred to as precocious puberty, or if you fear your child may be going through delayed puberty. Many kids are late bloomers so wait till your child is at least 14 before worrying too much about delayed puberty.

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