Instructions for a Wii 64 Emulator


Wii 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for the Wii. The Wii 64 emulator can render and emulate many classic Nintendo 64 titles. After installing Wii 64, the emulator can be accessed through the Homebrew Channel. The Homebrew Channel is required to be installed and functioning on your Nintendo Wii console before the Wii 64 emulator can be installed and operated.

Things You'll Need

  • Wii 64 (available online)
  • Compatible Nintendo 64 ROMs (available online)
  • SD card

Install Wii 64

  • Navigate to the Wii Brew website (see Resources) and click on "Download" to save the Wii 64 emulator to your computer. Check the compatibility list for the games and download game ROMs from different online ROM websites (see Resources).

  • Extract the Wii 64 folder to a directory on your computer by opening the .RAR or .ZIP archive with an unzipping software or program to extract .RAR files. Double-click on the file to open and select the Wii 64 folder by cursoring over it and clicking on it once. Select "File" and "Extract To." Click on a directory by clicking on the folder, drive or desktop and clicking "OK" to extract the folder.

  • Insert an SD card into the SD slot on your computer by pressing the card into the slot. Go to "My Computer" and right-click on the SD card. Select "Format" from the sub menu by moving your cursor over the text and clicking on it once. Click on the "Quick Format" box and format the SD card as "FAT32" by clicking on the "FAT32" box. Click "OK" to format the SD card so that the Nintendo Wii can recognize the Wii 64 emulator on the card.

  • Create a new folder on the SD card named "Apps" by right-clicking in the SD card menu and selecting "New Folder" from the sub menu by moving your cursor over the text and clicking on it. Rename the folder "Apps" by right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Rename" by clicking on the text.

  • Copy the Wii 64 folder to your "Apps" folder on your SD card by right-clicking on the SD card and selecting "Copy" by moving your cursor over the text and clicking on it. Right-click in the SD card "Apps" folder and select "Paste" by selecting the text from the sub menu.

  • Put the "ROMS" folder on the root of the SD card and "Copy" and "Paste" compatible ROMs into the "ROMS" folder. The Wii 64 emulator reads the game ROMs from this folder location.

  • Insert the SD card into your Wii SD slot located in the front. Turn the Wii on. Go to the Homebrew Channel and press "A" to launch the channel. The Wii 64 emulator will be loaded. Press "A" on the emulator channel to launch the program.

Wii 64 usage instructions

  • Press "A" on "Settings" to change "Video," "Audio," Saves," "General" and controller configurations. You may change your games to automatically save, change audio output and change the video output of the emulator. Change these settings by moving your cursor over the desired setting box and pressing "A." For controller configuration, move your cursor onto the selected button you would like to change and press the corresponding button to change.

  • Press "A" on the "Load ROM" button and select the "SD Card" by pressing "A" on the "SD Card" button. Press "B" to return to the main menu once the ROM has been loaded.

  • Press "A" on the "Play Game" button to start the game ROM. To exit the game press "X" and "Y" together on the Gamecube controller, or press "1" and "2" together on the Wii mote, or press "X" and "Y" on the Classic Game Pad or by pressing the "Reset" button on the Wii console.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the compatibility list located at the Wii Brew Wii 64 web page for the Nintendo 64 games that will play and any comments or suggestions on the game engine or settings to be used for optimum game play experience.

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