How to Disarm Weapons in ""Grand Theft Auto IV""


Disarming an enemy in "Grand Theft Auto IV" can be the difference between life and death for your character. The game often thrusts players into various combat situations involving both firearms and blunt melee weapons. "Grand Theft Auto IV" features a robust combat system that adapts to the gamer's playing style to offer challenging combat scenarios. The amount of damage done by each character varies depending on their individual attributes, making disarming your attacker an essential task. An enemy can be disarmed by successfully locking onto them and landing a successful counter-attack.

  • Target the enemy. For Xbox 360, press and fully hold down the controller's left trigger. For PlayStation 3, press and fully hold down the "L2" button. For PC, press and fully hold down the right mouse button. Once the enemy is targeted, a circular bar displaying the enemy's health meter will appear over your targeting cursor. The camera will become fixed on that enemy and your character's stance will become more attack-oriented.

  • Wait for the enemy to attack. As the enemy begins to attack, swiftly dodge it to avoid damage and throw your opponent off balance. This can be achieved by quickly giving the "A" button a tap on the Xbox 360, the "X" button on the PS3 or the space bar on the PC.

  • Counter the enemy's attack. This can be achieved by quickly tapping the "B" or "Y" button on the Xbox 360, the left mouse button on the PC or the triangle or circle button on the PS3. Once you've successfully countered their attack, they'll be disarmed.

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