How to Get an Ice Arrow in "Ocarina of Time"


"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is the fifth installation of the Legend of Zelda series for the Nintendo game system. In this installment, Link must again save the kingdom of Hyrule from the evil Gannondorf. During his quest, Link must acquire weapons and fight the evil creatures who have taken over the kingdom. One of Link's weapons is the bow and arrow. You can acquire fire and ice arrows at certain points in the game to aid in Link's quest.

  • Enter the Gerudo Training facility. You must already have obtained the Gerudo Membership Card, Fairy Bow, Megaton Hammer, Longshot, Lens of Truth, Hover Boots and Silver Gauntlets.

  • Turn around and use the arrows to shoot the golden eye above the door. Two small chests appear, giving Link Rupees in one and arrows in the other. Enter the door to the left.

  • Kill the Stalfos within one minute in this room. Keep moving so you do not sink into the sand. Retrieve the first key from the chest that appears and proceed through the next door.

  • Collect the five silver Rupees in this room within a minute. Watch out for the boulder rolling around the room. Use the Longshot on the target on the ceiling to get the final Rupee. Use the Longshot to get over the wall of fire to go through the door that opened when all Rupees were collected.

  • Defeat the Wolfos in the next room. These can be a little tricky because they put their claws over their face often when you attack. Keep on them and you will eventually hit them. Use the Lens of Truth to find the hidden area above a fake door. Use the Longshot to jump into this area and step on the switch. Return to the floor and move the silver block using the Silver Gauntlets until it falls into a hole. Go through the door and kill the Like Likes in the room. Two false treasure chests appear. Use the Lens of Truth to find the hidden chest with the key. Return to the previous room and go through the door in the hidden area.

  • Play the Scarecrow's song on the Ocarina before jumping off the ledge. The scarecrow will appear, giving you easy access back to this platform in the future.

  • Jump down from the ledge. Aim and shoot arrows at the statue in the middle of the room. Shoot each eye to make a treasure chest appear with the third key. Longshot to the chest and then to the entrance of the room.

  • Turn around and find the spot where Navi turns green. Play the Scarecrow's song to make the scarecrow appear on the ledge. Longshot up to the scarecrow. Go into the door that is now open up here and retrieve the fourth key. Exit this room, jump down and go through the door below.

  • Kill the four fire creatures in the next room. A door will open and a treasure chest will appear. The treasure chest contains random items. Use the Megaton Hammer to smash all of the statues in the room. Step on the switch found behind the statue and run to the chest in the middle of the room. Open it for the fifth key and move on before the fire comes up. Exit the room through the next door.

  • Collect the five Rupees in this room. Use the Hover Boots to get to the next platform, where Navi will turn green. Play the Song of Time to make two blocks appear. Float to them and open the treasure chest for key No. 6. Fall off the side of this platform and step on the switch there. Use the Hover Boots to finish collecting any remaining Rupees and exit through the door on the east side of the room.

  • Play the Song of Time on the Ocarina to remove the blocks. Put on the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic and drop to the bottom of the water, steering clear of the blade trap in the bottom. Use the longshot to kill the Shell Blades. Collect the five silver Rupees. Four are under the water. Remove the Iron Boots to float to the top for the last Rupee. Collect the seventh key.

  • Go back through the door you entered and use the Hover Boots to get across the previous room. Go through the door to your left.

  • Defeat the Beamos with a bomb and attack the two Dinalfos with your sword. Once these are defeated, open the chest that appears for key No. 8 and exit through the door that opened. You will be back in the first room.

  • Play the Song of Storms to renew your energy. Go into the center door in this room.

  • Use the Lens of Truth to find the hole in the ceiling. Climb the grating to reach this hole where you will find a secret room containing the final key. Return to the floor of the room. Use the keys to make your way through the Room of Locks. The Ice Arrows are located in the chest in the middle of this room.

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