How to Eliminate Thigh Fat


Fat on the thighs is a problem for many people, especially women. Men tend to store fat in their stomach area, while women store fat in their thigh and hip area. There is no one food or exercise that will reduce thigh fat; spot reduction, aside from costly and time-consuming liposuction, is not possible. The only way for you to naturally eliminate fat from your thighs is to focus on losing fat from your entire body.

Reducing thigh fat will increase your confidence when wearing leg-revealing clothes.
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Step 1

Stick to an easy-to-maintain healthy eating pattern instead of following a restrictive diet that is likely to fail. Eat "brown" carbohydrates, and limit "white" carbohydrates. Cut out all bad fats, and eat unsaturated fats instead. Increase your protein intake by consuming lean protein with each meal. Eat foods such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, egg whites, cottage cheese, fish, chicken, olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

Stick to an easy-to-maintain healthy eating plan.
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Step 2

Boost your metabolism by eating five to six smaller meals daily. Eat every three hours so you feel satiated and are less likely to give into cravings.

Eat five to six small meals per day.
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Step 3

Perform high-intensity cardiovascular exercise 45 minutes per day, five to six times per week. Run, walk, swim or bike at a challenging pace to maximize metabolic burn.

Swim or do some sort of high intensity cardio exercise 5-6 days per week.
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Step 4

Give your body a full-body resistance workout three days per week. Focus on the entire body instead of just your thighs so your body works on getting well-proportioned all over. Include thigh exercises such as walking or stationary lunges, step-ups, leg extensions and leg curls.

Weight lift and focus on your entire body.
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Step 5

Avoid alcohol because it drains your energy and has empty calories. Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily to flush toxins out of the body, to stay hydrated and to allow the body to function at its best.

Avoid alcohol.
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Step 6

Sleep seven to nine hours at night to get the most out of the hours that you are awake. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insufficient sleep is associated with obesity, depression, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Sleep 7-9 hours each night.
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