How to Evolve Feebas in "Diamond" & "Pearl"


Throughout the "Pokemon" series, some Pokemon have required special conditions to make them evolve into new forms. One such Pokemon is Feebas, a rare fish Pokemon that evolves into one of the most powerful water-type Pokemon in "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl." Unlike many other weak Pokemon that evolve into strong forms, you can't evolve Feebas simply by leveling it up; you have to make the fish beautiful before it will evolve into its next form.

Things You'll Need

  • "Super Rod" item
  • "Poffin Case" item
  • Berries (preferably "Apricot", "Wiki Berry", or "Pamtre Berry")
  • "Rare Candy" item (optional)
  • Catch a Feebas if you don't already have one. To capture a Feebas you must fish with the Super Rod in the underground lake at Mt. Coronet, though it may take several tries to encounter a Feebas, as only five of the lake tiles will have Feebas in them. Once you've captured a Feebas, check its nature on its summary screen; if the nature of your Feebas isn't "Modest", "Mild", "Rash", or "Quiet," continue fishing until you capture a Feebas with one of these natures.

  • Travel to Hearthome City and visit the Poffin House. Begin making poffins using berries that result in "dry" poffins; these poffins increase the "Beauty" statistic for Pokemon that eat them. Using "Apricot", "Wiki", or "Pamtre" berries produces the largest increases to "Beauty", though any "dry" poffin will increase the "Beauty" of your Feebas.

  • Feed the "dry" poffins to your Feebas, checking the Pokemon's status screen periodically to see both its "Sheen" and "Beauty" ratings. If the "Sheen" of the Pokemon rises too high then it can't eat any more poffins. Once the "Beauty" rating of your Feebas reaches 170 you can evolve the Pokemon into its next form.

  • Seek out battles to gain experience for your Feebas until it levels up. Alternately, give your Feebas a "Rare Candy" to cause it to gain a level immediately. The first time that your Feebas gains a level after attaining a "Beauty" rating of 170 or above it will evolve into a Milotic.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mix poffin batter quickly to increase the effectiveness of the poffins you feed your Feebas. Poffin batter that is mixed in 40 seconds or under provides up to twice as much of an increase to Pokemon statistics as batter that is mixed in 60 seconds.

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