How to Catch & Evolve a Feebas in "Pokemon Emerald Version"


Feebas is an elusive Pokemon in the third-generation Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions of the Pokemon franchise. It is found on only six randomly assigned tiles in the waters of Route 119, and it might take players several attempts to hook one, even if a correct tile is selected. While Feebas is unimpressive stat-wise, its evolved form Milotic is much more capable in battle, with a base Special Defense of 125, a base Special Attack of 100 and a base HP of 95.

  • Go to Route 119 and use Surf in the water. Use the Super Rod and hook three to five Pokemon. If Feebas does not appear, move to the next tile and repeat until Feebas is hooked.

  • Lower Feebas' HP as you would any Pokemon.

  • Throw Great Balls or Ultra Balls to capture Feebas.

  • Make four to five PokeBlocks using the #31 to #35 berries that have a Dry+ rating. Feed the PokeBlocks to Feebas to maximize its Beauty stats, and level it up once to evolve Feebas into Milotic.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change the trendy phrase at Dewford Town to reset the tiles where Feebas resides.
  • If you maximize Feebas' contest stats without maximizing its Beauty, breed it to get another chance at obtaining Milotic.

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