How to Make a Proxy for Counter-Strike


"Counter-Strike" is an online multiplayer first-person shooter computer game, originally released as a modification of Valve Software's acclaimed Half-Life video game. With such widespread popularity, competitive league and tournaments are often held between players through the Steam client released by Valve Software. Many counter-strike players are avid gamers and enjoy watching others play along without playing the game themselves. Using an HLTV proxy, users across the web can view and observe tournament and key league matches.

  • Open your Steam client from the Windows Start Menu by clicking "Start," "Program Files," "Steam" and "Steam Client."

  • Click on "View," "Tools" from the top pull-down menu of the client interface. A list of downloadable tools will appear on the Steam Client. Right-click on "Dedicated Server" and select "Install Game..." from the right-click menu. Click the "Download and Install button" to install the Dedicated Server Toolkit for "Counter-Strike."

  • Open your Windows Explorer file browser by double-clicking the "Computer" shortcut on your desktop. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\dedicated server". Right-click on the file titled "hltv.cfg" and click "Open With..." from the menu. Open the file using Notepad to edit the text contents of the file.

  • Modify the entry "name 'HLTV Proxy' " to a name that you wish the proxy to display when users connect to it. For example, if you want your proxy to display "My Counter-Strike," input "name "My Counter-Strike." Modify the entry "hostname 'My HLTV Proxy' " to change the name that is displayed on a server list when users are browsing for proxy connections.

  • Modify the entry "delay 30.0" to "delay 0.0". This will reduce the spectator viewing delay from 30 seconds to zero seconds, making the spectator observation real-time.

  • Obtain the IP address and password of the game server that your proxy will observe. Modify the entry "// serverpassword 'mypassword' " to "serverpassword 'password' ". Input the password of the server your proxy is observing within the quotations. Modify the "connect" entry by inputting the IP address of the game server your proxy is observing. Save the changes to the configuration file by clicking "File" and "Save" from the pull-down menu.

  • Double-click the "hltv.exe" file, located in the dedicated server directory noted in Step 3. A new dialog box will emerge, and the proxy server will now be running.

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