How to Make Tree Wedding Centerpieces

Breaking away from traditional floral centerpieces at your wedding shows your distinctive personality and taste. Tree centerpieces add natural elements and a slightly out-of-the-ordinary feel to your reception venue. Creating your own tree centerpieces can save a substantial amount of money as well as provide an opportunity to exercise complete creative control over this aspect of your special day.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass containers
  • Smooth stones
  • Branches
  • Tree decorations


    • 1

      Fill a glass container such as a vase halfway to the top with smooth stones or glass beads. This provides a spot for the tree to sit. Base the size of the glass containers on the size of the branches you choose.

    • 2

      Place branches that resemble miniature trees into the glass container. Push it all the way to the bottom of the anchoring stones. You can purchase fake branches from a craft store or use branches you find outdoors. Bind a group of several branches together with string or glue if one alone doesn't create the look you desire.

    • 3

      Decorate the branches of your tree and add any embellishments to the container that you desire. For winter weddings, add a layer of spray snow along with shiny strands of crystal beads. Add miniature bird's nests to the tree for a spring or summer wedding. Place a layer of fall leaves around the centerpiece once it's on the table for fall weddings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Purchasing branches from a craft store gives you more flexibility with the centerpiece's appearance. For example, you can get branches with silk leaves in fall colors for an autumn wedding. Using real branches is the best option for those seeking a very authentic, natural look.
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