How to Install Wii Homebrew Games

Installing the Homebrew Channel on your Wii will enable you to load and play games from the Homebrew Channel. Many different kinds of Homebrew games are available, including user-created games and "ports" of classic games. Once the Homebrew Channel is installed on your Wii, you can play the channel's games with ease.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card
  • Homebrew games
  • Homebrew Channel
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl, Indiana Jones or Twilight Princess Wii games (if applicable)


    • 1

      Confirm your SD card is compatible for use with the Wii. Check the Wii Brew SD/SDHC compatibility list.

    • 2

      Navigate to the Wii Brew website, and choose which method you would like to use to install the Homebrew Channel to your Nintendo Wii. The Twilight Hack and Bannerbomb method require that you have a Wii System Menu 3.2 through 4.2, depending on the loader you use. The Indiana PWNS, Brawl Smash and Twilight Hack method require you have either the "Indiana Jones," "Super Smash Bros Brawl" or "Zelda: Twilight Princess" Wii game. Indiana PWNS and Brawl Smash loader can load the Homebrew Channel on any Wii System Menu version.

    • 3

      Navigate to the "Games" section on the Wii Brew website for a collection of Wii Homebrew games.

    • 4

      Click on the Homebrew game you are interested in to download it. You may need to unpack the file.

    • 5

      Copy the files for the loaders onto the root of the SD card.

    • 6

      Create a folder named "Apps," and place the loader application files in the folder. You may also need to place files on the root of the SD card, depending on the loader you are using.

    • 7

      Place the Homebrew games into the Apps folder.

    • 8

      Insert your SD card into your Wii, and depending on the loader you are using, either insert the "Indiana Jones," "Super Smash Bros Brawl" or "Twilight Princess" game and play to the certain point on the game level to trigger the hack to load Homebrew Channel. More details on the Wii game methods can be found in the Read Me file downloaded with the specific loader. If you are using the Bannerbomb exploit, go to the Wii settings, Wii memory and SD card. The Bannerbomb file will be on the SD card. Press "A" to load the file, and the Wii will automatically restart once it is installed.

    • 9

      Launch the Homebrew Channel from the Wii main menu by clicking on the channel and selecting "Start."

    • 10

      Browse for the Homebrew games you would like to play.

    • 11

      Click on the game, and press "Start" to load. Detailed instructions on playing the game can be read in the game description before starting the game.

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