How to Turn Up the Volume on Bluetooth

As many cities and states make laws banning the use of hand-held devices while driving, Bluetooth earpieces have become more prevalent. These hands-free devices make it easier for you to continue what you're doing -- driving, hanging onto a bus hand grip or even doing the dishes. Before you start a conversation, though, you will want to make sure the volume on your Bluetooth device is at a level you like.


    • 1

      Turn on your Bluetooth device and connect it with your cell phone.

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      Adjust the volume level on your Bluetooth earpiece. A button on the side of your Bluetooth will adjust the volume higher or lower. Listen to the beeps to determine the level at which you wish to set the earpiece.

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      Adjust the volume on your cell phone. The volume on your phone is also reflected through your earpiece, so make sure it is at the level you desire.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to readjust your cell phone's volume after you disconnect your Bluetooth -- you wouldn't want to be surprised by a much-louder volume level than what you're used to.
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