How to Verify ESN Numbers for Cell Phones

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Verify ESN Numbers for Cell Phones

Your ESN number (or MEID) is a serial number included in all cell phones. Some cell-phone service carriers require it in order to activate your cell phone. It can also be used to identify your cell phone if it is missing or stolen. The location of an ESN number varies with different models of cell phones. Some display it on the back, and others on batteries. Locate and verify your ESN number using these guidelines.


  1. Locating ESN or MEID Numbers

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      Turn off your phone and then remove the battery cover. Refer to your phone's user guide if you are unsure how to remove the cover.

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      Remove the battery. Check the back or front for a white sticker. You should see your phone's ESN/MEID number. Write it down if you need to. Reinsert the battery in the compartment and then close it.

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      Check the back of your phone for the white sticker if you did no see it on your battery. Sometimes the sticker containing the ESN/MEID number is on the back of phones depending on the model. If you see it, write down the number.

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