How to Do Footnotes on a Book Report

Footnotes are a way to credit the original author of material that is being cited or referenced in a book report. The footnotes direct readers to the specific resource provided in the Works Cited, as well as provide specific page numbers where the information can be found within that resource.

When citing footnotes in a book report you must first know which citation format the paper requires. The most common format is Modern Language Association (MLA).

  1. MLA Style Footnotes

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      Footnotes help lead the reader to a specific page in a resource.
      Footnotes help lead the reader to a specific page in a resource.

      Enter a superscript numeral 1 at the end of a sentence or paragraph that needs to be cited. The superscript should come behind any quotations and/or punctuation marks.

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      Tab one time or indent by five spaces at the bottom of the page and place the subscript No. 1 followed by the resource author's first name and last name, (comma) title of the work (left parenthesis) place of publication: (colon) Publisher, (comma) Date of Publication) (end parenthesis) page number. (period).

      Example: 1 Mary Smith, Ageless Art: Historical Themes Represented in Artwork (New York: Publisher's Press, 2001) 114.

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      Type the next numerical superscript number the second time a resource is cited. This time, at the bottom of the page, list only the author's last name and citation's page number (no comma between) followed by a period.

      Example: 3 Smith 115.

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      Continue numbering citations with superscript numbers in standard numerical order. Continue citing the full reference information each time a new resource is introduced and noting only the author and page number for each additional time the same resource is recalled.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unlike end notes which direct the reader to the very last page of the paper for resources, footnotes are provided using a subscript number within the text that coincides with the numbered reference at the foot of the same page.
  • Continue numbering in order all the way thorough the book report. Do not start over at No. 1 on each new page.
  • Remember to check for any additional footnote rules or requirements assigned for the report (as in how many footnotes should be present, etc).
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