How to Convert Kilowatts Into Horsepower

Kilowatts and horsepower are both units of power, which means that you can easily change from one unit to the other as long as you know the conversion factors. Being able to switch between the units might be important if you have two different measurements, one in each unit. Without being able to change to a common unit, it would be impossible to compare the two measurements.

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      Multiply the number of kW by 1.341 hp per kW to convert to hp. For example, if you have 32 kW, you would multiply 32 by 1.341 to get 42.91 hp.

    • 2

      Divide the number of kW by 0.7456999 kW per hp to corroborate your answer. In this example, you would divide 32 by 0.7456999 to get 42.91 hp.

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      Confirm your answer using an online converter.

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