How to Find the Perfect City to Live In

So you are bored with your old hometown and you want to find the city that is just for you. Start by matching specific places with your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Things You'll Need

  • City Maps
  • Local Guidebooks
  • Local Newspapers
  • Internet Access
  • Computers
  • résumés


    • 1

      Find locations that offer job prospects in your chosen profession by researching employment opportunities and leading industries in different cities.

    • 2

      Consider the features of different cities that fit your personality, lifestyle and interests, such as cultural offerings, recreational and educational pursuits, climate, cost of living, shopping and transportation.

    • 3

      Compare the cost of living in different cities by using online salary calculators.

    • 4

      Check out Web sites of local newspapers and chambers of commerce in selected cities to obtain regional information.

    • 5

      Investigate city rankings in publications such as Money Magazine's "The Best Places to Live."

    • 6

      Visit prospective locations several times during different seasons.

    • 7

      Narrow your selection, based on your own criteria, and select a city that is right for you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use the Internet to find valuable relocation information in your search for the perfect city to live in.
  • Don't pack up and move to a new city without investigating employment opportunities and cost-of-living factors.
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