How to Get a Car Tag With an Out-of-State License

When you move from one state to another, you are usually required to convert your out-of-state license to a driver's license from your new state. Some exceptions to this rule exist, such as students who are attending school in another state. If you have a driver's license from a state other than the one that you reside in, you may still be able to register your vehicle in the state and get a car tag for the vehicle.

Things You'll Need

  • Proof of residency


    • 1

      Visit your local motor vehicles department office to see if they will allow you to register the vehicle with an out of state license. In some states, such as Tennessee, you can show a license from another state and get your car tag.

    • 2

      Apply for a state issued ID card in the state instead of a driver's license. This allows you to keep your out of state driver's license yet meet the requirements for having a state issued ID to get the car registered. To get a state issued ID card, you usually need something that shows proof of residency, such as a utility bill or apartment lease, and something that shows your date of birth, such as a birth certificate.

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      Use your passport instead of a driver's license to get your new car tag. If you do use your passport as your photo ID, you will also need to show proof of residency, which can be a utility bill or lease agreement with your in-state address on it.

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