How to Increase the Wireless Range on a WRT160N

The WRT160N provides a wireless network for your home or office by transmitting the signal from your broadband Internet service. Even though the router uses wireless-N technology, which is superior to wireless-B or wireless-G signals, thick walls and other obstacles can still hamper the effectiveness of the router's range. Once your router is set up, you can try a few tricks to increase the range of the wireless signal to get the most from your home network.


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      Place the WRT160N in a central location in your house. Routers use antennas that spread the signal in all directions around the router. Moving it to a better position can drastically increase the coverage area of wireless signals.

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      Position the router in a higher location and away from solid objects such as refrigerators and metal cabinets, which will obstruct the signal.

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      Remove any extraneous products that may cause interference with the signal, such as microwaves, cordless phones and Bluetooth devices.

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      Add a wireless extender or repeater to the WRT160N network if your wireless range is still not sufficient. Wireless extenders take in the signal from your router and retransmit the signal from their location. Position the wireless extender just within range of your network and configure it to the WRT160N to increase the range of the network.

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