How to Replace a Honda Headlamp Assembly


Headlights keep the road visible as you drive at night, through thick fog and heavy snow and rain. Keeping headlights in working order is an important aspect of driving safety. The headlight assembly protects your headlight from damage. However, headlight assemblies may also sustain damage in a collision or from road debris. Replacing damaged headlight assemblies is essential for driving safety and can be done at home. This task requires a strong working knowledge of automotive repair.

Things You'll Need

  • Repair manual for your Honda vehicle model
  • Socket set
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Sealable sandwich bags
  • Park the car on level ground and turn off the ignition. Locate all bolts, clips, hooks and screws that hold the front bumper cover and bumper in place. They will be set differently depending on your type of Honda vehicle. Consult your repair manual for exact locations of these items. Twist the bolts and screws counterclockwise until they come out with the socket set and Phillips head screwdriver respectively. Use your hands to pull the clips out and to unhook the hooks.

  • Separate the bolts, clips, hooks and screws and put them in sandwich bags that seal, by type. Be sure to keep the bags close so you can find them easier when you are reassembling everything later. Set the bumper and bumper cover aside.

  • Prop open your hood with the support rod on either the right or left hand side of the firewall, underneath your hood. Locate the headlight assembly at the front of your Honda vehicle. Unplug the electrical connectors from the back of the headlight assembly by pulling them straight out. Consult your repair manual if you are encountering any difficulty locating these components.

  • Unbolt the five mounting bolts that surround the headlight assembly by twisting them counterclockwise with the socket until they come out. Pull the harness clips on either side of the assembly towards you until they come out using your hands. Slide the headlamp assembly forward with your hands until it comes out.

  • Remove the bolt that holds the upper corner beam assembly in place by twisting it counterclockwise with the socket wrench. This assembly resembles a thin rod that sits on top of the headlight. Set the rod aside in a sandwich bag.

  • Slide the new assembly in place and secure the upper corner beam assembly in its original position with the bolt and socket set.

  • Replace the five mounting bolts by twisting them clockwise with the socket and push the harness clip back into its slot with your hands. Plug the electrical connector into the back of the new assembly by pushing it in with your hands.

  • Put the bumper back on your Honda by replacing all clips, screws, bolts and hooks.

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