DIY Outdoor Storage Shed Plans

A good storage building should hold needed items for easy access. Construct a storage building that is neat and well-organized by designing every square inch for a specific purpose. Invest in rubber bins with lids, or build wooden storage boxes with lids to keep items neat, such as camping gear and garden supplies. Create a floor plan that enables easy reach of all stored items. Build the space so that loft areas can hold ladders and bicycles, for example, so the floor area is not cramped. A good storage shed should be relatively easy to walk around in, since crowding will lead to a messy space in a short period of time.

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      Obtain backyard living books and magazines to get storage shed ideas. Find designs that might work well in a specific yard location. Locate buildings that provide as least a 9-by-12-foot space, since this size building works well for the average family. Plan to build a water-tight roof on the shed, since rain leakage can ruin the building and its content over time. Invest a good deal of the budget in a sound roof.

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      Consider using recycled materials. Use old lumber to frame the shed with studs on 16-inch centers. Incorporate boards that are at least 2-by-4-inch boards to frame the walls and rafter areas. Incorporate used plywood or boards creatively, painted or stained with several coats, to construct the walls. Consider using sheets of metal for wall areas, too.

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      Plan to use ½-inch plywood covered with tar paper and asphalt shingles for the roof. Use metal corrugated sheets instead, if desired. Create the roof with at least a 30-degree pitch to shed rain and snow. Install guttering to shed water away from the shed.

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      Invest in a sound concrete base for the shed, when construction begins. Use 2-by-8-inch boards to build framework to hold a concrete pour. Consider building a concrete ramp into the shed, if a riding lawn mower or other heavy equipment will be stored there. Construct the framework for the ramp section of the concrete slab from plywood pieces. Add metal grid work to the flooring and the ramp, to add strength to the base, before ordering concrete delivered.

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      Design the shed building to look harmonious with the house. Paint it a neutral green, so that it doesn't stand out, if the building is built on the back of a lot. Invest time to design an artistic-looking shed if it will be placed close to the house. Think in terms of using colors one might use on a child's playhouse, such as yellow walls with green trim, to make the building look complementary with the main house.

Tips & Warnings

  • Create a storage shed for the family's specific needs. Think about how the shed will be used, whether for storing gardening equipment or biking equipment, while the shed is being designed on paper.
  • Build the shed to hold wood in one end, for example, if there is a wood-burning stove. Design the shed so the wood can be stacked for easy access from outside the structure.
  • Avoid storing lots of wood in a shed too close to a house. In the event of a fire, the wood stored in the building might exacerbate the problem.
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