How to Change the Oil in Your Volvo XC70


Proper vehicle maintenance includes regular oil changes. Manufacturers recommend the oil be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Failing to change the oil on a regular basis can result in unnecessary wear and tear on the engine. You can save yourself some money by changing the oil yourself. For the Volvo XC70, it only takes a few steps, a few tools and some basic supplies.

Things You'll Need

  • Vehicle Ramps
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Sockets
  • Socket Driver
  • Six Quarts of Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • Oil Catch Pan
  • Funnel
  • Place the ramps in front of the Volvo and start the engine. Let it run for a few minutes to warm the engine up, then drive it up on the ramps. Set the emergency brake before getting under the vehicle.

  • Climb under the Volvo. Locate the oil pan and the bolt in the bottom of the pan. This bolt will need to be removed to drain the old oil. Before removing it, place the oil catch pan under the bolt. Use a socket and socket driver to loosen the bolt and the remove it by hand. As the bolt comes out, oil will flow freely from the oil pan, so be ready with the catch pan.

  • Locate the oil filter as the old oil is draining from the vehicle. Use the oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter, then remove it by hand. Oil will drain from filter as well, so be ready with the catch pan.

  • Replace the bolt in the bottom of the oil pan when it is done draining. Remove a new filter from its box. Using a new bottle of oil, spread a thin layer of oil on the new filter's gasket. Screw the new filter into place in the engine.

  • Open the hood and locate the oil fill tube. Remove the cap from the tube. Using a funnel, begin filling the engine with oil. Consult the owner's manual for the exact amount of oil to add to the engine.

  • Drive the vehicle off the ramps. Pour the used oil into a plastic jug to be disposed of properly. Most auto parts stores will take used oil for recycling.

    With proper oil changes, vehicles should run without problems for many years.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when working underneath a vehicle. Always use jack stands or ramps to support the vehicle.

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