How to Make a Bluetooth Transfer on the iPhone

All Bluetooth-capable devices share the common trait of wireless communication, but there are a variety different uses for the technology overall. One common use of Bluetooth technology is file transfer between devices. The Apple iPhone is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can be set up to transfer different types of files--like images and documents--to other devices. However, the iPhone is not prepackaged with this ability. It requires "jailbreaking" (unlocking of the device) and installation of an app called "iBluetooth."

Things You'll Need

  • IBluetooth application


    • 1

      Tap on the "Cydia" store on the jailbroken iPhone (see Resources for more on jailbreaking). Navigate to the "iBluetooth" application by going to "Sections," then "System."

    • 2

      Tap on "iBluetooth," then tap "Install." The next window will ask you to confirm the install. Tap on "Confirm." Once the installation is complete, return to the "Home" screen.

    • 3

      Tap on the "Settings" icon to open the iPhone settings screen. Navigate to "General," then tap on "Bluetooth." Slide the "ON/OFF" button to "ON."

    • 4

      Tap on the "iBluetooth" icon to launch the app. The primary screen will notify you that "System Bluetooth is Activated." Tap "OK."

    • 5

      Complete the registration process, then tap "Get License." Tap "OK" on the following "License Valid" pop-up box.

    • 6

      Tap on "Images" or "File System." Tap on the image or file that you would like to transfer.

    • 7

      Tap the "Transfer" icon in the bottom-middle of the display (the square with an arrow coming out of it).

    • 8

      Tap the device to which you wish to transfer the image or file from the listing in the next screen. The transfer will begin.

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