How to Sell a Motorcycle on eBay


eBay is a great place to sell products online, but selling a motorcycle -- or any other vehicle -- on eBay requires a little more attention than for most other sale items.

Know Your Options

eBay has a special section for selling vehicles called eBay Motors, which allows you to list your motorcycle where potential buyers are more likely to see it. You can also specify vehicle-specific information that the regular eBay platform isn't designed for, such as mileage or fuel efficiency.

Post Your Ad

When you're ready to list your motorcycle for sale, navigate to the eBay Motors page and select the "Sell a Vehicle" link on the left-hand side of the page. You will then need to log into your account or create one. Once you've logged into your account, you will have the option to specify what you are trying to sell, how much you want for it and any important information about the motorcycle.

When you list your bike, choose a price that's on the low-end of what you think your motorcycle is worth so that potential buyers will be able to compete with each other in auction by outbidding one another. If you set the price too high, you may lose potential customers before they even get a chance to bid on your vehicle. Typically, setting a price that's around $500 cheaper than the lowest quote from Kelley Blue Book -- or another credible source -- will allow buyers to beef up the auction-end price to a value you'll be happy with. If you want to set a "Buy It Now" price, try to aim for a value that's slightly lower than what other eBay users have listed their own vehicles for.


  • Kelley Blue Book determines the value of your motorcycle by examining various factors, such as the bike's make, model and year it was manufactured. However, it is up to you to provide a realistic condition that the vehicle is in; otherwise, you will not get an accurate quote. Reflect your motorcycle's current condition in the price that you set and be honest about any problems it has in the description of your listing to avoid problems with potential buyers.

Stand Out

Posting an eBay ad is easy, but a plain-text listing isn't going to catch anyone's eye. To ensure that your listing stands out from the crowd, post plenty of pictures of your motorcycle to show potential customers what they can expect. Before you post your pictures, though, clean the motorcycle from top to bottom and park it in a well-lit area where it's away from clutter or other distractions that might deter buyers from paying top dollar for your bike.


    • Take pictures of many different angles of your motorcycle, preferably in a uniform direction, so that potential buyers can flip through your pictures as if they were walking around your bike in person.  
    • Use eBay's built-in promotional options, such as making your listing title bold, italicized or in various colors that aren't so bland as black. Forking out a few extra dollars to have your listing marked as a featured listing will also go far toward selling your bike, as nearly every potential buyer who is shopping for a motorcycle will see it before other listings.  

Fully describe the vehicle that you're selling. Include details like the mileage, purchase year, last service date and any other pertinent information that buyers may be interested to know.

Hit the Forums

Once you've posted your ad, take advantage of the eBay forums -- and social networking sites in general -- to let potential customers know about your listing. In fact, eBay has capitalized on this point by automatically providing you with a list of other popular websites to post news of your listing to. By choosing one or more of the sites from the list, you can publish your listing on those networks in seconds.

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