SoilSaver Classic Composter Instructions

The SoilSaver Classic composter, made by Covered Bridge Organic Inc. of Ohio, is a popular choice for homeowners who want to turn their kitchen scraps into good, usable soil. Fallen leaves, grass clippings and weeds can all be thrown into the composter along with fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea bags. The composter itself is made of recycled plastic.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Kitchen scraps
  • Lawn clippings
  • Leaves
  1. Turning Scraps Into Soil

    • 1

      Place your composter on a level patch of ground in the sun outside your house. Level ground is important so the weight of the material in the composter can be evenly distributed and so the cover will fit tight.

    • 2

      Chop up your large scraps. The more surface area microorganisms have to work on, the faster they will work to break down scraps into soil. A large compost pile insulates itself and holds the heat better than a small pile. A too-large pile won't allow microbes to get to the center of the pile.

    • 3

      Keep your compost about as moist as a wrung-out sponge and turn it often enough to allow air to circulate. Remember, even microbes need air and water.

    • 4

      Heat up your compost at the center of the pile by chopping large scraps up and turning the pile. This makes the microbes do their job, which creates the heat. If you have provided enough surface area and a large enough volume, and monitored for adequate moisture and aeration, your composter will work optimally.

    • 5

      Don't worry if it seems your composting is taking longer than it should. The process will pick up steam as you add more and more scraps, yard waste and follow the above instructions.

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