How to Find a City's Border Line

Knowing the location of your city's borders can be an extremely helpful piece of information for everything from building your house to filling out your taxes and deciding where your children go to school. Unfortunately, the city limits aren't clearly drawn on the ground in day-glo spray paint. You need to contact your city or county assessor's office if you need to find out just where it is your city ends and other parcels of land begin.


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      Go to your local assessor's office. If your city is broken up into multiple counties, then you might need to go to whichever county has the information on the parts of the city limit in that county.

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      Ask to see a map of the city limit. Once you have a map of the city limits, zero in your search on the area of the limits that concerns you. The limits should be marked out with degree measurements in latitude and longitude, but if you can't read the map ask for an assessor to help you interpret the coordinates.

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      Follow the map coordinates to where the city's border officially begins. Once you're there, you know just where the city's jurisdiction stops, and another jurisdiction begins.

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