How to Restore a Deleted Yahoo! Messenger Archive

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How to Restore a Deleted Yahoo! Messenger Archive

Yahoo! Messenger is a program for instant messaging. It allows two people to have a conversation online by writing and sending messages. Yahoo keeps a record of all these conversations in files. But you can delete these online chats and then later restore them if you want to keep a record of these conversations. Another option is data recovery software if the Recycle Bin is already empty.

Things You'll Need

  • Free data recovery software
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  1. Restore from Recycle Bin

    • 1

      Click "Recycle Bin" from the desktop.

    • 2

      Search for the Yahoo! chat file you want to recover.

    • 3

      Right-click the deleted chat file. Click "Restore" from the menu. Windows recovers the file.

    Restore From Data Recovery Software

    • 4

      Download a free data recovery software program like Virtual Labs or Pandora Recovery (see Resources).

    • 5

      Follow the prompts and install the data recovery program.

    • 6

      Launch the software program and follow the online instructions for scanning the hard drive.

    • 7

      Click the messenger file you want to recover.

    • 8

      Right-click the messenger file. Click "Save," "Restore' or a suitable command from the menu.

    • 9

      Wait as the Yahoo! Messenger archive is restored. Close program.

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