How to Show More Digits After the Zero on a HP Calculator

Hewlett-Packard (HP) manufactures a variety of financial and scientific calculators. By default, HP calculators display numbers to two digits after zero or the decimal points. For example, the number 0.6723 will be displayed as "0.67." Although two digits after the decimal may be sufficient in financial calculations, there are many scientific or mathematical problems where a higher precision is required. Fortunately, changing the digit display mode is simple and can be completed in less than a minute.


    • 1

      Press the "On" key on your HP calculator.

    • 2

      Press the "Shift" key, and then press the "Disp" key, which is marked yellow.

    • 3

      Enter a number that corresponds to the number of decimal digits you would like displayed. For example, press "5" to display five digits after the decimal point.

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