How to Delete Windows Update Installation Files

Windows Automatic Update Service is a program that is always checking Microsoft for updates and then downloading update installation files to your computer. A lot of people already know that this service can be disabled to prevent Windows from automatically checking for updates, but many people are confused about how to delete update installation files that have already been downloaded. Update files are stored in the Download folder, so erasing the contents of this folder while Windows Automatic Update Service is disabled will get rid of the files.


    • 1

      Click on "Start" and then "Run."

    • 2

      Type "services.msc" (without quotes) and press "Enter."

    • 3

      Right-click on "Automatic Updates Service," then select "Stop." Wait for the service to stop, then click on "Start" and open "Run" again.

    • 4

      Type "%windir%\SoftwareDistribution" (without quotes), then press "Enter."

    • 5

      Double-click on the "Download" folder. Press "CTRL+A" to select all the contents of the folder, then press "Delete."

    • 6

      Open "Run" from the Start menu again, then type "services.msc" (without quotes) and press "Enter."

    • 7

      Right-click on "Automatic Updates Service," then select "Start."

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