How to Troubleshoot a Motorola Razr


While the Motorola RAZR is a sleek device with an appreciated asthetic, it can malfunction just like any other device on the market. Thankfully, there are proven techniques available to assist in troubleshooting the device when unexpected issues arise.

Things You'll Need

  • Carrier contact information
  • Turn the Motorola RAZR off and then back on. This method of "power cycling" fixes most minor glitches, especially if they've developed rather suddenly. Wait until the device has fully loaded, then ascertain if the issues are still present. If so, more intensive troubleshooting is required.

  • Perform a Master Reset on your Motorola RAZR. This process will reset the device's software back to factory standard, effectively wiping out any issues stemming from application errors or clogged file caches. This is done by pressing "Menu" on the home screen, then selecting "Settings," "Initial Setup," and then choosing "Master Reset." Enter your security code when prompted (the default code is "000000") and hit "OK." The device reset its software and then power itself off and back on. Check to see if the problem has resolved before proceeding further.

  • Perform a Master Clear on your RAZR. If the issues you are experiencing have yet to be resolved, a complete purging of all data and a fresh copy of the operating system is necessary to restore proper functionality. This is done by pressing "Menu" at the home screen, then selecting "Settings," "Initial Setup" and selecting "Master Clear." When prompted, enter the security code. The RAZR will shut down after purging itself and then turn back on. Any software-related issues should now be resolved.

  • Call your carrier for repair or replacement. If the issues have yet to be resolved, it's possible that hardware defects may be at fault. The only resolution available at this point is to either have the device repaired or replaced under warranty.

Tips & Warnings

  • Power cycling your Motorola RAZR at least once per day is an excellent form of preventative maintenance. Like computers, cell phones need to be periodically reset to maintain peak performance.
  • A Master Clear will completely wipe all data from your device, including contacts, pictures, music files, etc. Be sure to back all of this information up on a memory card beforehand.


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