How to Back Up Copy Disk Image Software on Mac

Disk image software allows you to make dmg image files on your Mac. Backing up this kind of software will help protect it in case something happens to your computer and you lose your data. To make a proper back up, you can copy the disk image software installed on your Mac and save it to a back up disk, such as a DVD, flash drive or external hard drive.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD-R, flash drive or external hard drive


    • 1

      Insert the flash drive, external hard drive or DVD-R into your Mac.

    • 2

      Find the disk image software you want to back up, and click on the icon. Select "Copy" from the "Edit" menu.

    • 3

      Click on the external drive where you are going to save the software and select "Paste" from the "Edit" menu.

    • 4

      Open "User Name/Library/Application Support" and look for any files with the same name as the disk image software. Drag the files to the external disk and drop them inside it.

    • 5

      Open "User Name/Library/Preferences" and look for any files named after the disk image software. Drag and drop those files into the external disk.

    • 6

      Select "Burn Disk" from the "File" menu if you are backing up to a DVD. Name the DVD and select a burn speed. Click "Burn."

    • 7

      Eject the DVD, flash drive or external drive by selecting "Eject" from the "File" menu.

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