How to View a DWG

If you receive or have unrecognized file types it might become irritating when trying to open them. Alternatively if you find a file, such as a DWG, that requires expensive software you might think you cannot open it. DWG files are drawing files created with AutoCAD software. AutoCAD software can be expensive and complex to use; however, there are a number of free and shareware viewers you can download and use that allow you to easily view the images without editing capabilities.


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      Download and install Free DWG Viewer. Launch the program from the Start menu then click "File" and then "Open." Locate your DWG file on your hard drive, select it and click "Open." You will now be viewing the DWG drawing for free.

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      Download and install a Myriad Desktop viewer. Some of these viewers are free, while the more complex ones require a payment. Try the free software first to see if it is compatible with your file. Once the setup is complete, launch the program from the Start menu, click "File," then "Open," and open your DWG file.

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      Download and install Autodesk DWG TrueView. This is a free program created by Autodesk (who program the AutoCAD software). Once setup is complete, click "Start" > "All Programs" > "AutoDesk" > "Autodesk DWG TrueView." Click the folder icon, select your DWG and click "Open."

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