How to Set Up Wireless on an ASUS Eee PC

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Asus EeeTop PCs include the Windows 7 operating system as the primary operating system of the computer. Additionally, Asus EeeTop all-in-one PCs ship standard with a wireless networking adapter built into the system. The wireless networking adapter works seamlessly with the built-in wireless functionality of Windows 7 to allow you to quickly and easily access your network and the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless router
  • Turn on the computer and allow Windows 7 to load.

  • Open the "Start" menu and click "Control Panel."

  • Select "Network and Internet" from the Control Panel, then click "Connect to a network," which is located below "Network and Sharing Center."

  • Select your wireless network from the "Wireless Network Connection" list and click "Connect."

  • Enter your network key if prompted, then click "OK" to connect to the network. If you do not know your network key, contact your network administrator or log into your router using the instructions provided by your router's manufacturer.


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