How to Convert WMV to a Smaller Size

Microsoft created their "WMV" video format to create video files that can be transferred via Internet. Even small files may provide relatively high video resolution, making this one of the most popular video formats used on the Internet today. Even so, you can always convert WMV to smaller size files if willing to sacrifice some video quality. This guide will show you how to use free software to do just that.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Windows-based computer
  • Internet access
  • Original WMV file
  • Windows Media Encoder software


    • 1

      Start the Windows Media Encoder program.

    • 2

      Create a new video editing session. Use the "Ctrl"+"N" shortcut, or click "File" on the menu bar and then click "New" on the menu. This begins the "New Session" wizard that will take you through the video conversion steps.

    • 3

      Double-click the "Convert A File" action under the "Wizards" tab. The wizard will proceed to the "File Selection" screen.

    • 4

      Click the "Browse" button next to the "Source File:" box. A typical file selection dialog appears.

    • 5

      Navigate to the original file's location, and double-click it. This selects your original video as the source for conversion, and automatically populates the "Output File" box with a suggested name for the destination file.

    • 6

      Change the output file name and location if desired, then click the "Next" button to proceed to the "Content Distribution" screen.

    • 7

      Select "File Download" from the list of options, then click the "Next" button. The "Encoding Options" screen will now be presented, offering a selection of both video and audio quality settings.

    • 8

      Select an appropriate video quality setting. For instance, choose the lowest quality "250 Kbps" in order to achieve the smallest output file size. Reducing the quality setting reduces not only the file size, but also the dimensions of the video in pixels.

    • 9

      Select an appropriate audio quality option. Lower quality results in more "tinny" and "scratchy" sound.

    • 10

      Click the "Finish" button to begin the encoding process. The program will take some time to convert the video. When it finishes the process find the output video in the location that you selected earlier.

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