How to Sell Ink Cartridges

Sell used ink cartridges and reduce printing costs.
Sell used ink cartridges and reduce printing costs. (Image: printer cartridge image by hugy from

Many printer toner supply companies have programs that purchase used ink toner cartridges from companies and private individuals. Ink and toner cartridge buyers benefit from sourcing used cartridges from consumers, because they refill and resell the cartridges. These companies are willing to buy used cartridges from consumers, because they can generate revenue that is comparable to selling brand-new ink and toner cartridges, while incurring expenses below the cost of purchasing and selling inventories of brand new toner from the original brand suppliers.

Navigate to an ink cartridge buyer website such as Toner Buyer, We Buy Supplies or A To Z Toner. Many of the same companies that sell ink toner purchase ink cartridges.

Create an account with the toner buyer if an account is required to submit a supply listing of your cartridge inventory. Some ink-cartridge buyers do not require an account to submit an inquiry. Creating an account may put you on the business’ advertising list for future promotions.

Go to the sell claim form or cartridge submission list interface on the buyer’s website. Some buyers may only provide downloadable PDF and word documents, that require sellers to fax or mail in the sales offers. Some buyers have online sales submission interfaces that allow users to input a list of cartridges in text boxes (ref 1). Other buyers use pre-formatted merchandise lists that include all of the cartridges that the company purchases. Pre-formatted lists may even include the current offering price of that cartridge.

Fill out the claim form according to the instructions at the top of the form. Include all the relevant information about your inventory such as the quantity, condition, brand or make and model number of your cartridges. Include the payment information and payment method that you prefer if those options are on the form.

Read information about how the buyer acknowledges sales offers and processes payment. Some may processes requests within 24 hours, and others may take more than a week. Some buyers may guarantee a response, and others may only respond when they need inventory.

Submit the completed sale claim form according to the buyer’s submission and instructions and guidelines.

Confirm that the buyer received your submission if the company provides contact information such as an email or hot line to check the status of your claim.

Confirm the offer upon receiving acceptance of your offer if a confirmation is required, and verify the payment method that the buyer uses to compensate you for the cartridges.

Follow the buyer’s delivery directions to complete the delivery of your cartridges, and collect a physical payment or electronic funds disbursement.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many cartridge buyers only buy brand-name cartridges such as HP, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, Epson and Xerox.
  • Do not complete the delivery of your cartridges until the buyer provides documentation that indicates the items you are selling, and guarantees the sales price and the total compensation that you are entitled to upon delivery.

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