How to Use My Comstar External Hard Drive on My Xbox 360

Xbox 360 consoles are manufactured by Microsoft Corp. and use either a detachable hard drive or a USB device to store system data and gamer profiles. You can connect any USB external hard drive to the Xbox 360 and save your game data to it as you would a Microsoft-brand hard drive. Using your Comstar external hard drive as an Xbox 360 hard drive will require you to reformat the device.


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      Plug in your Comstar external USB hard drive to a free USB port on the front or rear of the Xbox 360 console. Turn on the console and wait for the main menu, or "Dashboard," to load fully.

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      Move the analog stick to the right and select the "System" tab by pressing the "A" button. Select "Memory" and press "A" again. Select "USB Device" and press "A."

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      Select "Format USB Device" and press "A." The console will reformat the Comstar external hard drive for use as an Xbox 360 storage device. Wait for the reformat process to finish, then restart the console. Your external hard drive will then be available for use with the system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reformatting the Comstar external hard drive for use with the Xbox 360 will erase all data on the device. Make sure you back up the data on your Comstar external hard drive before formatting the device.
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