How to Use Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger is a program that allows you to monitor the keystrokes and applications that are being used on a computer. Although it should never be used for illegal activities, it can be useful for monitoring employees or your children. For instance, you might want to make sure that no company secrets are leaving the office, or that your kids aren't talking to strangers online.


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      Launch Elite Keylogger by going to the "Start Menu." Click on "Settings" and "General." If you want the program to launch automatically when the computer starts, click the "Start at System Loading" check box.

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      Set up a password for the program by clicking on "Enable Password" and "Set Password." Whenever you want to access the files, you need to enter this password. This will prevent other people from reading the logs.These logs will include the applications that have been used on the computer, screenshots, records of the websites that were visited, a transcript of documents or emails written, and user names and passwords.

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      Send reports to yourself automatically by clicking on "Report Sending" and "Send Reports via Email." Enter your email address and the program will regularly send you transcripts of the logs at the intervals that you designate.

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      Read the reports. These will include screenshots of the computer, a list of the applications used, as well as all of the keystrokes typed. It will also include a transcript of everything that was written, including the passwords and user IDs of the people you are watching.

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