How to Sync Google with Entourage

Google and Microsoft both provide calendar programs that help you to keep all of your affairs in order. Some people might use Google Calendar at home and Microsoft Entourage at work, or vice versa. Others might want to switch from one to the other without needing to manually re-enter all of the information. The problem with this is that neither program offers a direct solution for performing this task. For this reason, you must use another program as a buffer between the two.

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  • Apple iCal


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      Set up a link between Microsoft Entourage and Apple iCal. Open Entourage and click on "Preferences," "General Preferences" and then "Sync Services." Select the box that says "Synchronize events and tasks with iCal and MobileMe." Open iCal and look under the Calendars heading. Make sure that Entourage is selected. Close iCal once.

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      Download Spanning Sync. If you do not want to pay the fees for Spanning Sync, a free but less functional alternative is Plaxo. (Plaxo will sync the calendars themselves, but not any alarms or reminders related to them.)

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      Open Spanning Sync and register your Google account in the program. Under the Calendars tab, click the Sync Calendars box, and then click the box next to your Entourage calendar.

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      Click on the "Account & Schedule" tab in Spanning Sync. Stipulate how frequently you want the program to sync your two calendars.

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      Continue using your calendars as you prefer. The program will continue making two-way updates, so entries in either program will appear in the other.

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