Can I Use PayPal on Amazon?

Amazon doesn't feature the direct use of PayPal for transactions. This isn't a big surprise -- PayPal is a former subsidiary of eBay, one of Amazon's biggest competitors. While you can't directly use your PayPal account, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used to effectively pay for Amazon purchases using your PayPal balance.

  1. PayPal Debit Card

    • PayPal customers in the United States can order debit cards that link directly to their PayPal balances. The card acts like any other MasterCard debit card. An added benefit to using this method is PayPal's cash-back rewards for using the card. The rewards are small but with frequent use, they add up. PayPal also offers a loadable prepaid debit card if you prefer that to a standard debit card.

    E-Gift Cards

    • E-gift card sites that accept PayPal can also be used as an indirect means of making Amazon purchases with PayPal funds. E-gift cards are like the physical gift cards you can buy at any number of retailers: they provide a code that you use at Amazon for credit. These cards are sold online by such companies as PayPizzaPal, eGifter and Gyft. This method usually requires a small fee in addition to the amount purchased on the card, which can make it a less attractive option than getting a PayPal debit card.

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