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Technology has made emperors of us all, allowing us to indulge in a variety of entertainment at the snap of a finger. No more having to be home at a certain time to watch a scheduled TV show broadcaster for the masses, because now the entertainment waits for you. All your favorite shows are ready and waiting for you to instruct them when to start. With the use of a laptop computer and an Internet connection, you can enjoy these shows from wherever you are.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection


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      Go to, search for the title of the show you want to watch, and a list of matching shows will appear. Browse through the list and make sure to read the duration details, as some of the videos are full episodes while other are just clips. Hulu is authorized to carry and distribute all of its content, making it a totally legal site. Some of the content that appears in the search results will redirect you to the show's network site, where you will be able to watch it. You can watch shows on Hulu for free.

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      Go to and search the titles of your favorite shows. Like Hulu, the search results will also include show clips, but Fancast has a better ratio of episodes to clips than Hulu does. Hulu is a well-known site that many people go to, while Fancast is used by far fewer people and therefor has more available bandwidth, allowing Fancast to run faster. Fancast is a free site.

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      Go to Here you will find a large selection of TV shows that you can buy one episode at a time. This is perfect for the person looking for that one episode they missed but doesn't want to buy the entire series. Amazon carries a lot of shows that are not permitted by Fancast and Hulu, making it a great option for rounding out your streaming needs. If you're looking for a new show to start watching, Amazon does offer the first episode of the show's season for free. Keep your eyes open for special offers and promotions.

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