How to Cure Golf Chipping Yips


There's often nothing more intimidating on the golf course than having to chip your ball a few feet onto the green. A light chip that doesn't land anywhere near the hole is embarrassing. The same goes for the shot you soar over the green, leaving another chip to be attempted. Practice is the only cure for the chipping yips, a fixable hindrance of your game. Fixing these mental and mechanical mistakes will help you land the ball closer to the hole and improve the number on your scorecard.

Things You'll Need

  • Golf ball Golf club
  • Select a spot where you would like your ball to land. Make sure you've taken into account the slope of the green and hole location.

  • Relax. When your begin to think too much, your muscles tense up, which will cause your swing to be anything but fluid. Often times, it's best to go with your gut, step up and hit.

  • Grip the club where you feel comfortable. Some golfers like to choke down on the shaft to feel more in control. This is perfectly acceptable. Don't over-grip the club though. Hold it in your fingers lightly.

  • Align your body slightly to the left of your target line with the ball in the middle of your stance. You'll have to adjust your position depending on the surface and angle of your lie. Your feet should be only a few inches apart, with your right foot ahead of your left.

  • Favor most of your weight on your left foot and keep your right elbow close to your body. The club should be slightly behind the ball with your hands ahead of it at address.

  • Focus on the ball. Once you've committed to a landing spot, make sure you don't take your eye off the ball.

  • Begin your backswing, pulling the club back as much as is needed to hit the ball the proper distance. Keep your head still. Your wrists should move very little during the backswing. Never snap your wrists at the ball in attempt to flick it.

  • Accelerate the club through impact. Always follow-through.

Tips & Warnings

  • These tips are for a right-handed golfer. Reverse any directional instructions for left-handed players.

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