How to Replace the Belt on a Dyson DC17


If your Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner suddenly stops picking up floor debris yet the wand hose still has suction, chances are that the belt is either broken or worn out and the brush roller is no longer spinning. Replacing the belt on your Dyson DC17 is not very difficult, but may be a bit tricky the first time you attempt it.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement belt
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Turn off and unplug the machine. Tilt the vacuum backwards onto the floor or other flat work surface so that the base plate is now facing you. Remove the base plate by turning the slotted fasteners counter-clockwise. Use steady pressure or you might slip and ruin the top of the screw fastener, making it nearly impossible to remove.

  • Remove the base plate. You will now be able to remove the brush roller if there is no belt attached to it by gently pulling it toward you; make sure you also remove the broken belt. If the damaged belt is still on the roller, remove it from the motor shaft by carefully feeling your way with your fingers or using the screwdriver to lever it off. You will now be able to remove the belt and brush roller together.

  • Remove all debris from the roller. You may have to carefully cut items that have wrapped themselves around the brush roller, such as long hair, thread or string. A roller filled with dirt and debris will put added stress on the belt, possibly causing premature failure.

  • Loop the new belt onto the motor shaft and hold it there as you fit one end of the roller through, moving it back and forth inside the belt in a rolling motion. Be sure the belt is in the correct position on the brush roller, then fit the roller ends into the slots that hold them in place. Replace the base plate, tightening the screws enough but not too much; over-tightening will strip them.

  • Test the machine to be sure you have performed all steps correctly. Tip the vacuum to one side to make sure the roller is turning. If the roller brush still does not turn, remove the base plate again, since the problem is most likely that the belt was not fitted onto the motor shaft properly. Unplug the machine again before removing the base plate.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always have a supply of replacement belts on hand, or your vacuum cleaner will be out of commission until you buy some. A good rule of thumb is to buy more when you have used the second-to-last one.
  • Since cleaning the roller can be messy, you may want to place a drop cloth or old sheet on your work surface before you begin this task.
  • Never use water to clean the internal parts of a vacuum cleaner. If you wash the roller in soap and water, do not re-install until it is completely dry.
  • Do not attempt to free a stuck brush roller while the machine is running. Always turn off the vacuum and unplug before performing any maintenance.

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