How to Make a Calendar in Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is one of the most powerful graphic design programs on the market. The program is widely used by professional graphic artists worldwide to create vector-based designs that breath life into both Web and print-based media. Illustrator is not as intuitive as other programs, but the potential for creating professional-quality designs once you've mastered the program's finer points makes learning the basics well worth the effort.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Open a new Illustrator project with the following dimensions: portrait orientation size A4 (8.5 inches by 11 inches).

  • Drag a horizontal guide from the top page ruler to 5.5 inches on the left ruler to bisect the workspace.

  • Select the rounded rectangle tool and press ALT+Click on the workspace to open the dimensions dialogue box. Set the rectangle to 1.05 inches by 0.85 inches with a corner radius of 0.1 inches, then press "OK."

  • Choose the fill and stroke of the rectangle based on your chosen theme and position the rectangle against the left printable edge border (that is, the light gray or blue rectangle inside the workspace) and approximately three-quarters of an inch from the top printable edge border.

  • Choose "Illustrator Effects," "Distort and Transform," then "Transform." Select the "Preview" check box and enter "6" for the number of copies. Use the horizontal "Move" control to space the copies evenly across the printable area of the workspace. Press "OK" once the copies have been spaced correctly.

  • Repeat the previous step and press "Apply New Effect" in the warning dialogue box. Type "4" for the number of copies and use the vertical "Move" control to space the copies evenly down to the bisecting line you created in Step 2.

  • Insert a header area above the rectangles you created in the previous steps. This header area can be any color and can use any images or shapes that go with your overall design. However, the days of the week should be labeled somewhere within the header to match the squares in the workspace. The Reference example uses a Sunday through Saturday format.

  • Copy the top grid of rectangles to the bottom half of the page. Hold ALT+SHIFT, click on the original square in the upper left-hand corner, then drag the rectangle to a point just below the bisecting line. The newly copied rectangle and the corresponding rectangle in the upper half of the workspace must be an equal distance from the bisecting line.

  • Select the header and all of the associated objects. Select the rotate tool and click on the center of the bisecting line to set the rotation point. Hold ALT+SHIFT and drag the new copy of the header clockwise until it lines up at the bottom of the workspace, below the bottom grid of rounded rectangles.

  • Add the months, dates and any additional information you desire before printing the document. This layout will print two months on each page.

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