How to Find My Local Post Office

If you have recently moved to a new town or state, it is very likely that you do not know where your nearest post office branch is located. Knowing where post offices in your town are located is useful for more than just being able to pick up some stamps in a hurry. Finding your local post office branches will allow you to set up a P.O. Box or send packages via the USPS.


  1. USPS Services Locator

    • 1

      Go to the USPS Services Locator website.

    • 2

      Select "Post Office Locations" in the "What are you looking for?" drop box.

    • 3

      Enter your address inside the "Near what location?" text boxes. You must enter at least your zip code.

    • 4

      Click "Search." Your local post office locations appear at the bottom of the page.

    Melissa Data

    • 5

      Go to the Melissa Data Nearest Post Office Lookup website.

    • 6

      Click "All Post Offices" inside the "Select Options" box.

    • 7

      Type your zip code in the "Enter Center ZIP Code" box.

    • 8

      Click "Submit." The 25 post offices nearest to the entered zip code appear on the page.

    Super Media Switchboard

    • 9

      Visit the Super Media Switchboard homepage.

    • 10

      Type the phrase "Post Office" inside the "Business Name or Category" text box.

    • 11

      Enter your address inside the "Location" box. You must enter at least a zip code.

    • 12

      Click "Search." The post office locations near your location appear.

Tips & Warnings

  • Post office locations can also be found in a local phone directory.
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