How to Create a Mod

Mod is short for "modification", meaning that a programmer has taken a computer game and reprogrammed it in some ways, ranging from the simple, like changing artwork, to the complex, such as building a whole new game. Popular online shooters "Team Fortress" and "Counter-Strike" started as game mods and later became full-fledged games in their own right. If you'd like to develop your own mod, you'll need some software and some patience, but it can be done.

Things You'll Need

  • Decompiler software
  • Compiler software


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      Examine the game's manual carefully. Some games, such as games from the developer Valve, will offer tools in the game itself to make modification easy for fans who have little computer science experience. These can include tools such as level builders, weapon modification, and character modification. This may be as simple as opening a few items in the "options" panel. If not, you will have to decompile the software.

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      Decompile the game using a decompiler tool. There are several free versions on the Internet. Some companies may offer their own decompiler tools for use on their games. Check the company website. This will turn the executable files of the game into source code that you can edit. Be sure to place the source code in a separate file from the game itself, so that you do not damage your copy of the game.

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      Edit the source code to your preference. The source code will be saved as text files that you can type in. Save a copy of the source code, so that you can compare it to your changes as you edit, and also so that you can recompile your original game if your mod is not up to your standards. Be sure to write in the language that the game is written in, such as C++.

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      Recompile your code, using the compiler tool. This may take several hours. Once your code is fully compiled, boot up the game and begin playing. You are looking for any bugs that may cause problems or might interfere with the flow of the game, such as mistakes in the physics. If you are designing a level, play through the level to make sure the design is what you wanted and that it is playable for other users.

Tips & Warnings

  • It never hurts to save a copy of your work. Do so frequently.
  • If you are uncomfortable with coding, try decompiling and experimenting with a simpler game first.
  • If you are unsure of how to edit source code, be careful, as you may damage your game or even render it completely unplayable.
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