How to Control "Super Mario 64"


"Super Mario 64" turns Mario loose in a vast, three-dimensional world packed with hard-to-reach treasures and thronging with enemies. Fortunately, Mario has a vast repertoire of moves to call on, ranging from super-high jumps to a variety of attacks. As a player, you can even control the camera to get a better picture of the world around you.

The Basics

  • Mario can walk or run in "Super Mario 64;" which he does depends on how you use the control stick. Pressing the control stick gently away from its center position will move Mario at a slow walk, ideal for precision movement. When you want to cover a lot of ground in a hurry, push the control stick as far as it will go; Mario will run quickly. To make Mario do a simple jump, press the "A" button. Perform Mario's basic attack, the punch, by pressing the "B" button while on the ground. You can also pick up some enemies and objects by pressing "B;" press it again to throw them.

Combining Moves

  • Many of Mario's moves require you to move and press a button at the same time, or to hit a series of buttons in sequence. Press "A" again immediately on landing from a jump to do a second, higher jump. Doing a third jump will launch Mario into a high flip. You can also climb by pointing the control stick toward a wall and hitting "A" to do a wall jump. Pressing "B" while moving will execute a dive attack. While jumping, press "B" to kick or "Z" to do a ground-pound attack against a target below you. To do a side somersault, run in one direction, then immediately push the stick in the other direction and hit "A."

Advanced Movement and Attacks

  • If you need to move through a small space, hold down the "Z" button while moving to crawl. When using the Wing Cap to fly, control Mario's altitude by pulling down on the control stick to tilt his head up and up on the stick to push his head down. Press the "Z" trigger and then the "A" button while Mario is standing still to do a backflip, or while Mario is running to do a long jump. Pressing "Z" and then "B" quickly performs a sweep kick that hits targets all around Mario, while pressing these two buttons while running delivers a slide kick.

Controlling the Camera

  • The "C" directional buttons and shoulder buttons control the camera. To rotate the camera to the left or right, use the corresponding directional buttons; the "up" button zooms in, while the "down" button zooms out. While you are zoomed in, you can use the control stick to move the camera without moving Mario. To center the camera on Mario, press the left shoulder button; pressing and holding the right shoulder button will freeze the camera in place.

Other Versions

  • Although originally released on the Nintendo 64, "Super Mario 64" is also available on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console; an updated version exists for the Nintendo DS. The Virtual Console versions include an electronic instruction manual which you can open from the Home menu. For more details on the other versions' controls, see the link in the Resources section.

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