How to Change the Side Marker Lamps in a Chevy S10


The Chevy S10's side-marker lamps, also called the parking lamps, work in conjunction with the other exterior lights, such as the turn signals and headlights, to increase your safety. While a side-marker lamp doesn't hold the importance of some other exterior lamps, it's still an integral part of your lighting system. Replace your side-marker lamp as soon as possible, if it is burnt out. The S10's side marker is a typical automotive bulb. You can purchase a new one at many auto-parts stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel
  • Replacement bulb (194NA)
  • Open your hood to access the headlight. Pull up the black clips behind the headlight. Grasp the connection behind the headlight, squeeze the tab, and separate the connection from the headlight. Pull the headlight out. Unplug the connections from behind. Set the headlight down in a safe place.

  • Squeeze the outboard connection tab on the side-marker and turn-signal case. Pull the outboard side out gently. Squeeze the inboard connection tab, and then pull the entire unit out to view the back.

  • Turn the side-marker lamp socket to the left (when facing the back). This releases it from the case. Pull it straight out to view the lamp.

  • Cover the lamp with a clean paper towel. Gently pull it straight out to detach it from the connection.

  • Cover the new lamp with a clean paper towel. Push the end into the connection to attach it. Don't turn the lamp. If you do, you'll damage it.

  • Insert the lamp socket into the case. Turn it to the right (when facing the back). This locks it into place. Re-insert the case back into place. Push it firmly to snap the tabs back into place.

  • Step into your S10 and crank the engine. Turn the headlight switch to the double-bulb icon. This turns on your side-marker lamps. Step out of the S10 and check their operation before replacing the headlight case. Turn the engine off. Remove the key.

  • Re-attach the connections to the back of the headlight. Re-insert the headlight into place. Re-insert the black clips into their mounts.

    Repeat the procedure for the other side, if necessary, then close the hood.

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