How to Kill Rabbits for Meat


Rabbits are gentle creatures, but they can destroy a garden. According to Dana Krempels of the University of Miami Biology Department, the gestation period of a rabbit is only 28 to 31 days, and a female rabbit can be impregnated again within hours after giving birth. This rapid rate of reproduction means that rabbits can quickly become pests that need to be controlled. If you resort to dealing with your rabbit problem by shooting them or catching them in kill traps, you can eat the meat. Rabbit meat is relatively high in protein and low in fat, making it an excellent meat for consumption.

Things You'll Need

  • Small-caliber rifle (such as .22 or .410) or pellet gun
  • Kill-type trap
  • Wooden box large enough to house the kill-type trap
  • Fresh vegetables or fruit

Using Guns

  • Choose a pellet gun or small-caliber rifle.

  • Take careful aim at the rabbit, ensuring that your aim is as close to the rabbit's brain as possible. Shooting the rabbit in the brain will guarantee a clean kill and minimize the level of suffering that the rabbit endures.

  • Shoot the rabbit with your gun.

  • Remove the skin and entrails from the rabbit, and cook the rabbit meat.

Using Kill Traps

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use a box trap to trap rabbits, if you prefer this over a kill-type trap. After trapping a rabbit in a box trap, however, you will still need to kill the rabbit if you plan to eat the meat.
  • If shooting a rabbit, ensure that it is the proper season and that you obey all hunting and safety rules.

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