How to Change the Windows XP Startup Background

When you first start up your computer, your Windows operating system displays a brief background image or solid color when it is booting up. By modifying a value in the Windows registry, you can change this background to an image of your choice.


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      Open the Windows Registry Editor by clicking on the \"Start\" button, clicking on the \"Run\" button, typing \"regedit.exe\" into the Run window's \"Open\" box and then hitting the \"Enter\" key.

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      Use the plus symbols in the left pane of the Registry Editor to navigate to the \"HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\CONTROL PANEL\DESKTOP\\" subkey.

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      Double-click on the \"wallpaper\" registry key and type in the path to the new image you want as the background (for example \"C:\pictures\newbg.bmp\").

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      Click on the \"OK\" button, restart your computer and log back in. Your startup background is now changed to the image you specified.

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