How to Repair a Paper Cutter


A paper cutter is basically a sharpened blade that is swung down onto a sheet of paper. A broken cutting arm can cause the blade to slip while in use and poses a safety hazard. You can repair a paper cutter so that the risk of a serious injury is avoided. You will only need some tape and a few minutes of your time to repair the paper cutter.

Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves
  • Cellophane tape
  • Duct tape
  • Put on the work gloves. Put the paper cutter on a table with the blade facing up.

  • Pick up the cutting arm. Hold the cutting arm with the groove on the bottom facing down.

  • Place the groove of the cutting arm over the cutting blade on the paper cutter. Line up the ends of the cutting arm with the ends of the cutting blade.

  • Push down on the cutting arm. Continue pushing until the top of the cutting blade has gone completely into the groove at the bottom of the cutting arm.

  • Tape the sides of the cutting arm to both sides of the cutting blade with cellophane tape.

  • Tape the top end of the cutting arm that is butted against the cutting assembly at the top of the paper cutter with duct tape.

  • Apply another piece of duct tape to the top end of the cutting arm where it is butted against the cutting assembly. Smooth the duct tape down with your fingers.

  • Bring the cutting blade completely down on the paper cutter. Attach the side latch to the nub on the side of the cutting blade. Return the paper cutter to its original location.

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